New Testimonials

Jeff is an outstanding instructor and musician…and a perfect fit for me. I am a music lover, but have never had any music training or lessons. He has a system that helps a beginner start to have success (and therefore FUN) from the very first lesson! It never feels like drudgery. This includes configuring the song selections to the student’s personal taste. I don’t know what other instructors charge for lessons, but I have never bothered to check because Jeff is a bargain given his combination of expertise on the instrument and curriculum design.
~~ Tom D., Leucadia

The person who sold me my piano said I’d probably go through several piano teachers before I found a match for me. Well, the first teacher I had was Jeff Dubin. He was the best, done deal! I love his method of teaching, plus he’s a really nice guy!!
~~ Suzanne M., Encinitas

Jeff is an excellent piano teacher. His teaching methods are easy to learn and I was quickly able to play complete songs that I enjoyed. I have tried to learn to play several times in the past but until Jeff it was never quick, fun and easy. I highly recommend!
~~ Mary M., Carlsbad

Jeff taught my daughter piano for many years and continues to inspire her to keep playing. He brought in fresh ideas and music she could relate to, which encouraged her to keep playing. Fantastic teacher!
~~ Carolyn K., La Costa

Thank you Jeff, for giving me the confidence to sing and play the piano! I’ve learned more songs in the 1 1/2 years you’ve been teaching me than I tried for 10 years! I always leave you with a smile and happiness… and this is how it should be!
~~ Loretta D., Oceanside

Jeff was an excellent teacher for our daughter. They worked together for several years and she really progressed. She compiled several books of songs that she either memorized or needs little reminders to play. Really impressive how much she learned while working with Jeff.
~~ Greg K., Olivenhain

I had been taking piano lessons for about six years and I was getting bored with what I was learning. I was referred to Jeff, and in a very short time, he took all of my piano playing to the next level. Every lesson is fun and I really look forward to my lessons with him.
~~ Joel G., Leucadia

Jeff is Awesome! We love Jeff! 🙂
~~ Britta B., Cardiff

Jeff is the best piano teacher I have had in 40 years! Very flexible and practical in setting up lessons and teaching you how to play the songs you want to learn.
~~ Mike G., La Costa

Amazing teacher. I’ve enjoyed every minute!
~~ Andrea A., Leucadia