In the two years I have spent getting piano lessons from Jeff, I have learned how to play over 50 songs! Jeff made it easy to understand how to read the music and quickly turn that into playing music. My motivation to practice and play was very high because Jeff was able to teach me songs that I was interested in. From The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Ray Charles to holiday music, Jeff would accommodate to my tastes. I highly recommend Jeff as a piano instructor to anyone who is interested in learning piano and having fun doing it.
~~ Derek W., Carlsbad

My son Jack had been taking classical piano lessons for about five years and hit a wall of boredom so severe that he wanted to give up piano altogether. Like most pre-teens, Jack became more interested in contemporary music than classical. He also loves to sing which was being drowned by classical lessons. Long story short, we were lucky enough to find Jeff through a common friend and Jack’s love for playing piano, performing and music has been rekindled. We are very grateful to Jeff for his fun, mellow style which has reignited Jack’s fire for music.
~~ Paul R., La Jolla

Jeff Dubin has been teaching my daughter and me piano for the past five plus years. He is a person I highly recommend. He cares a lot about his students and the relationship with the parents. He is a direct communicator, extremely responsible and above all, has a high level of integrity and honesty. If I did not feel that way, he would not be allowed in my home. More importantly, he would not have been allowed to be around my daughter. I am raising a child now 12 yrs. and I tend to control who she associates with (at least for the time being) and Jeff is one of the people my daughter knows and respect. In all of this time, Jeff has never, ever, called in sick or has not shown up on time. For me that is huge! Responsibility goes a long way and his integrity and honesty is beyond reproach.
~~ Dolores O., Carlsbad

I have known Jeff Dubin now for at least eight years. He has been teaching my daughters piano. He is very trustworthy and dependable and my children, ages 13 and 20 like him as a teacher very much. Also, I have recommended him to two of my friends. He is now teaching their daughters piano. One girl is 10 the other is 12 and both of the mothers have commented to me how much they like Jeff and what a good teacher they think he is. Jeff has also shown himself to be very flexible and willing to adapt his teaching style to the needs of his students which I think is an admirable trait. One of the girls requested that she be taught without books and sheet music and that she learn by “ear.” Jeff has done that and it’s working out really well. We have had a good experience knowing Jeff and expect you will as well.
~~ Jill M., Rancho Santa Fe

Jeff Dubin was my children’s piano instructor for a year and a half. He came highly recommended by close friends who had him as an instructor for their children for probably 5 years. He has always been on time, and accommodating to negotiate new time schedules and dates. He is pleasant and friendly. He is continually timely, which I imagine can be challenging for a traveling instructor.
~~ Colleen E., La Costa

Two of my kids, ages 11 and 8, have been taking piano lessons from Jeff Dubin, and both of them continue to succeed under his direction. Jeff is a dedicated, responsible, and talented piano teacher. He encourages my kids to be involved in choosing music pieces, while he provides appropriate piano instruction, so that they can become proficient. Jeff Dubin inspires excellence in my kids, and I couldn’t be more pleased.
~~ Vickie P., Solana Beach

Thank you for your patience in teaching me the joy of learning to play piano. I appreciate all your encouragement. You are helping to make the desire of my heart become a reality.
~~ Barbara B., Encinitas

Dear Mr. Dubin, Thank you for all the wonderful years of piano. You have taught me a lot and I thank you. I’m blessed to have had a piano teacher like you.
~~ Brent H., Encinitas

Jeff is a great teacher! He adjusted to my learning style and is patient whenever I have difficulties or am having an off day.
~~ Caitlyn D., Olivenhain

You are the best piano teacher ever!!!
~~ Keara K., Rancho Santa Fe